Cosy Home! Bouzigues

The boys are now listening to stories in the back cabin tucked up in bed. The brave face all the way back in the car was not easy after leaving Dave at the airport.

I even surprised myself how up beat my voice sounded as I talked to the boys compared to how I felt.
I didn't want to upset the boys.
Now I sit on my own with the computer for company. It is such a shock, it's going to take time to believe and get use to the fact my brother is gone.

I have to get on, Arthur doesn't like me upset. They are both very demanding, and now Dave is not here I am full on. Claire arrives Monday so I have to get everything ready for her cabin and get some shopping in.
lady bear has been such a pleasure to live on, our cosy home.
Artie has been pushing my patience with fighting and arguing with Lorenzo and every thing I do or ask of him.
We picked Claire up at 5pm and headed back to Lady bear with all the shopping.
 The last few days we have been busy cleaning and sorting out the cupboard space and also relaxing in the now beautiful weather having drinks on a blanket on the pontoon.

Jobs I have done is tidy the forward cabin sorting storage.

Airing the sails

Running out of gas, with Ed s help was really kind of him to come over one evening to get us another bottle and of course carry it for us.

we also found a great guy who repairs boat covers and sails. He took our dog house canopy for the day and brought it back by 5pm beautifully fix. Thought we may have to throw it out being so damaged by all the storms Dave has been through. Looks almost new now.
Been cleaning the chain off with clear, its getting very rusty

Lots of people wonder what we do all day on the boat and why we don't get bored here, well as you can see we all keep busy the boys have had fun.
Artie loves playing on the rocks and finding interesting creatures

tiny starfish

Boys love racing in the jogger spinning round

Playing badminton Bouzigues
At the Park

Having fun!!

Easter's coming!!!

going for walk enjoying some sun

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