Arthurs Birthday

We only arrived back at the boat 25th March Arties Birthday after being at Nigels for a week helping out with his house. We have just spent six weeks away from Lady bear. Dave has been working in England at he Bull hotel in Bridport, while we wait at Yvette and Norman's house. It seemed a very long wait but it was good to see family, but its not home and hard to be sitting around waiting to get back to the boat.
25th March. We took Arthur to the Zoo and go-kart racing for his birthday.

The boat was damp and dirty and I always feel disappointed when we get back after leaving it for so long. Don't want to do it again have to get someone to care or live on the boat next time.
She does warm up and clean up well though, once she is lived in and clean she is my pretty cosy home.

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