On our way once again

At last we finally leave Balaruc last night after spending our winter here.
We wave goodbye to all our new sailing friends who we have got to know while waiting in Balaruc for our outboard motor to be fixed. Sharing drinks and going shopping together and sitting at the bar, and we nearly went dancing at the little bar that has party music all weekend, all afternoon and all evening. Very lively little town. Even though we have enjoyed the Etang we are eager to get moving again.
As we arrived towards Sete we could see the bridges going up. Full spend ahead lets get out. Our engine did 5.6 knots, but still we watch them go down again as we were so close. Artie was disappointed !
An hour later tied up against the wall near the bridges we watch the golden rays of the setting sun as we baked a cake, 
and eat our pre made chickpea curry.
Also great to find a water supple from a public fountain, so
Now waiting for the bridges
filled up the water tanks and our drinking tubs.There is always that mystery when you leave somewhere, when and where you will get water again, and where we will be that night?

The last few days in Balaruc, summer arrives at last
Swim Daddy

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Cleaning her bottom

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