5th April 2014

My man left me today drove him to the airport off to the other side of the world for four weeks and 4 days. Tried hard not to think on it too much being on my own on the boat with the boys. The boys gave Daddy orders of what to bring back for them, opal stone for Artie and something sweet and yummy for Lorenzo. Just come back safe for me. It was sunny blue sky today, thank God after all the grey we have had the last few days.
His adventure is to take another Hillyard (Don't tell Lady Bear she might get jealous) across from New Zealand to Australia. April being the best time to go been booked for months. Dave wanted to cancel when he heard Laurence  my brother wasn't well. But it was all booked and paid for and couldn't let the guy down after spending thousands on the trip already.
 We left about 10.30 am to get there early so we could have lunch together. As we started to drive along the motorway. The phone rang Sam asked me to stop the car, but we couldn't nowhere to stop 'tell me Sam'.
Larry slipped peacefully away 9am this morning........
fixing the electrics on Lady bear

Rest in peace my dear brother going to miss you.

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