All Hands On in the boat yard

The boat rumbles really loud inside with all the sanding going on. Poor Lorenzo has been very patient with all the noise and tried to listen to music, play computer games, stories, and bike rides in between me sanding and filling, shopping, cleaning and trying to live without toilets and running water and the dust from the yard that seems to go everywhere. (Yvette would love it!!!) I have to make sure I brush my teeth then at least some part of me  feels clean! The problem is that the shower block doesn t have hot running water so we have had to drive around the block to the nearest showers in the evening after a hot sweaty very dusty day. I want Yvette to see me washing up dishes from a bowl, while standing in the mud and dust from the boat yard. It makes me laugh to think about how so many people couldnt do this. But the satisfation of seeing the major improvement of Lady Bear transforming and of course being outside in the warm med weather, and the long light evenings makes it all worth while. And at the end of the day the sunset view over the marina from our uplifted position is great.

Artie has been helping Dave with the caulking and wanting to help clean the propeller. He has had fun cycling around and around the boat in the dusty old boat yard and enjoyed getting all dirty. Artie having showers late with his dad and not going to bed till well past 9.30pmis very exciting for him.

For those of you interested in Old wooden boats and more details on the problems and work we have emdured please see our WORK and Expenses Page.

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