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Lady Bear Adventures

12 ton Hillyard 1956

Our journey begins in Orhaniye Bay Turkey
On Thursday the 8th July 2010 we moved onto our new boat ‘Lady Bear” an old classic wooden vessel.

Captain.....  David  ( Daddy )
Crew  .......  Manda  (mummy)
Lorenzo   (6 yrs)
Arthur      (5 yrs)

Many months of searching,  June 2010 we headed off to Turkey.
Lady Bear was located in a beautiful spot called Orhaniye bay south of Turkey. She was a boat that ticked all our boxes of want we wanted, within our budget anyway. Dave being a boat builder spent a whole day and more giving her a good look over. She supposedly had a recent survey, so all but a few things we were happy.

10th July Our journey begins
We arrived at the boat very excited to be able to stay on her now she was ours at last . We had been in Turkey since 23rd June doing all the paper work and exchange, staying at hotels, but now ladybear was our home until we sailed her back to Italy. We unpacked our things and made our first evening meal .
Slept well in the cabin with Lorenzo who woke up at 4am to say,
“We’re in the cabin, night! night Daddy!” And then got the giggles.
After all the heat I got chilly in the night and cuddled up to Lolli. Artie and Dave slept in the saloon.
1pm.  Force 6 winds. The morning was calm, hot and bright,
Our first day out on Her and I must admit I was a little nervous. Poor Dave had to do everything as I didn't have a clue. Just getting out from the mooring, the mooring line wouldn’t sink like it was suppose to, we managed to cut straight through it, which didn’t get us to a good start.  This is when I discovered we have a rope cutter to protect  the propellor , so thats why it didn't  get tangled! oops!
        We motored until we were almost out of the Bay, which must have been about five miles. (Orhaniye Bay is a large bay.) It was very busy with many other sailing boats and water jet skis racing about. I felt very uncomfortable, as they came very close. I think I was making it worst for Dave, as he was trying to get use to the boat with me shouting next to him.
"Oh mind that one! oh they're close!!"
Dave got the Genoa sail out, that made the boat rock at first as the wind pulled at it, but it soon settled once the wind pulled us into our first sail. And then we glided in silence.
      Lorenzo was excited to be listening to his music in the saloon; Arthur sat on the coach roof of the aft cabin pointed at the passing boats, hillside and cliffs, shouting,         “Look Mountains!!”    
I was over come by sleepiness; with all this rocking I had to lie down, while Dave did all the work.
      Dave worked hard on winching up the sails to discover the starboard winch was jammed making it impossible to pull the sails. So he decided to turn back and anchor behind a small island inlet, but it was deeper here than he thought and when we were reversing onto anchor some other boat came right up behind us, Dave tried to get out of their way and  decided to bring up the anchor when the tender got caught on our rope cutter, so we watched as it floated away. Some very kind man jumped on his dingy and fetched it back to us. Deciding its too busy here. we got closer to Orhaniye village where it was shallow and closer to the market and shops. At least here we could get our supplies for our journey.
It is so beautiful here the clear deep blue water surrounded by green and lush hillside and the ascending rocky dry mountains above .
There is a shallow sand bank in the middle of the small cove that many people walk on like they were walking on water.
Our neighbouring boat was Sandpiper owned by Martin he came over for a drink and then Dave Artie and Martin went out back to the market for more suplies while I watched the sunset.
The day was long and hot, the sun was setting, as we settle down in the cockpit to talk of our first day on Ladybear.
Monday 12th July
6am in the morning and Dave and Artie are scrubbing the decks just as the sun is rising.
We are all up early due to the big posh yacht next to us called the Gin Palace, which was getting his anchor up which rattled, banged and clanked, through the water at 5.30am.
Lolli is listening to Bob Dylan while Artie irritates him by singing badly.
Everything all tided up or stashed away, food cupboard full and we were ready for our first real trip to Fethiye, it should take us a few days, stopping at Marmaris to sort paper work out.
Orhaniye Bay.                  We waved good bye to Martin, and we were on our way.

We will miss the people we have met  here, Dorothy and Alan. At least I managed to get one of Alans lovely prints of his paintings.
The family with the three kids at Gelin Tas apartments.

And of course the little motels by the bay here Iskele. Great pool!!

It was the boys first time on the dingy and they loved it, and Lorenzo handled getting on and off the boat really well.

We had been to the market several times today on the dingy as we were anchored up close in the bay.  The markets in Turkey seem to open at sunrise and finish well after sunset. The kids had a good day played on the swings, ate icecream. And we found Four euros in the sand by the park. So a good day.
Just before bed a good night story. 
                                                            We have an early start tomorrow as we are off to Fethiye
Its lucky we have a good Captain ! Ah!!

Next morning
We stopped at Marti Marina 1/2 mile out to use the internet so we could sort out the insurance for the boat and details for exchanging boat documents. We needed to post it off by courier and get it sent back to us as soon as poss, We couldn't leave Turkey without it but they said we would have to courier it ito Marmaris. We also needed to contact easyjet and emaile Jon and Don to ask if our bag had  turned up, could we leave them they're number so at least we may get the bag when we got back home. 
OH! By the way DON'T get Easyjet travel insurance they told us we must phone them within two weeks of the bag disappearing phoning from UK only. We paid 35 pounds for insurance and it was useless and then we had to struggle without our things and Dave had no clothes at all, we had to buy him some in Marmaris while we waited for the boat sale to go through.  We lost equipment,eg, knife, oilskin jackets' lamp, bedding, clothes, kite, toys etc.

We ended up having lunch at Mari Marina, well the cafe there gave my boys a free bowl of pasta and Dave had to have a beer of course. Turkish people have been so welcoming and friendly and they love kids, more so than Italians.

Sails up and off to Symi here to read more.

Symi in the distance

Wind being force 3/4 we put the sails up.
Sitting on deck watching our gentle movement through the water, passing rock islands, green pine topped cliffs and coves. Just the gentle slopping of water on the boat and the rush of the wind.
Artie and I decided to go and get a drink and just as we were coming out of the saloon Dave shouts
'Dolphin Dolphin!!'
Artie was excited but we only managed to catch a glimps of it as it slid back under the water. But Artie spent the rest of the afternon looking out for them clicking his tongue and squeeking like dolphin to attract them.

Until finally the boys had a little nap, lolli in the cabin and Artie in the cockpit

Only an hour and a half away from Symi we had to put the motor on as the wind was dying as early evening approached.
The sun was starting to set as we approached the Island,changing the pale blue hazy asscending island to a dark purple shadowy silhouette. The water reflected the darkening sky like blackberry juice. Reflecting blues and purples on one side of the boat to oranges and pinks on the other as we watched the last remaining sun slip down behind the horison 20 mins before reaching Symi.

The colours are lost in this picture but to give you an idea, Beautiful!!!

The lights of the pretty town and harbour twinkled on the water. As we got closer the aroma of spices, herbs and savory food  from resturants subtley lingered on the warm evening air.

Approaching Symi

The lights from the castle and houses which rose up the hillside and the buzzing restaurants was an amazing sight. blurred photo am afraid still getting use to the new camera.

Artie was excited and wanted to get off, but it was too late. I cooked egg and salad for dinner, read a story for bed time and Dave and I watched the evening over Symi with a glass of wine.


Good morning Symi
           Just as the sun was rising we pulled up the anchor. It was the first time I had been somewhere... but not!??

Anchor up, and off into the sunrise.....

Now motor sailing doing about 5.5 knots along the Carion Coast from Symi passing Karaburum to Marmaris. Sailing close to the dry burnt looking rocky mountainous coast line. I drew a sketch in our sailing journal of the scene.

"Make a cup of tea" asks Dave.

Just as hot water went into the cups which I topped up too much , the wind picked up and changed direction and the boat went onto the port tack ......   heeling severally while I held on, and balanced the hot tea, unable to move.

It took us 9 hours to get to marmaris from Symi. Arriving in the busy lively bay.

We anchored and went a shore to shop and sort paper work out at the marine shipping agent office where we made good friends with the chaps who worked there. Soner and Musta one evening they came to our boat for drink we sat on deck and watched the town lights. They gave me the beautiful Turkeys evil eye to hang in the boat which we have in the window above our sink.

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