Our journey without sail

Okay we have put loads of photos on this blog so far and now it is time to add our thoughts and our life on the boat.
As Lorenzo is involved in Beethoven at the moment as we are trying to get him away from The Specials and Madness music which is now starting to drive us all crazy. He has discovered that there is one piece of  Beethoven music Symphony no 7 that is on his Doggy toy, which he cuddles at night. Hes off to find his doggy now and his keyboard in back cabin.
Claire who is helping out from Workaway .info. has gone out on this cloudy windy day to collect some info on local area and maybe some caves to go to while the weather isn't so great.
Had a morning at the small market at Bouzigues with all but three stalls and a new fish & chip, of course we had to have our lunch there and I bought some herbs and spices. We tried a brisk walk afterwards where Lorenzo pushed Arthur in the jogger ( a buggy for pushing or attaching onto a bike) running blindly along with occasional guidance by Mumma Bear. A lot of fun!
We decided getting off the boat will help well not get too bored!! That was the excuse any to go to the Sweet shop. Not just any sweet shop.

We amazingly keep ourselves amused and entertained, but the heaviness of our wait is a little too much. We have moments of tears as they ask when is Daddy getting back. But the truth I don't know it is now 27th April and he has been gone over three weeks now and still he is only a third of the way across from New Zealand to Australia. He was delayed with customs and weather. Now as I check the weather charts for his location the wind is minim and they are making slow progress. I have to contain my frustration and and let go and let god as they say. He has already changed his flight from 6th may to the 11th, now we are not even sure he is going to make that.
Our helper Claire has been great patient with us, as we have spent a lot of time on the boat being windy at the moment and Lorenzo always wanting to play the same tune over and over again driving us all crazy. We have managed to do a few days out yesterday, we made it to Agde a very pretty little town with river through it. We stopped to see an event of small motor boats and planes by the river. Unfortunately we missed most of it and they were stopping for lunch. But we did discover it is a town we would like to visit again. Our drive took us all around the Etang lagoon through to Sete.

WE have been logging our days with titles

     Bouziges museum Day

         Museum is all about the local area and the lagoon and the start of the fishing

        Long walk along the Lagoon cycle path Day

Day out to Grotte Des Demoiselle Caves Day

Top centre there is a balcony where people are standing, give you idea how big the caves are.

Playing on trailer and beach in Bouzigues

All muddy going through the puddles

Easter Day

Big Ships in Sete Day

Market, fish and chips Day.

Sweet shop Day

Artie's plays restaurant Day 

Marine Life Day

Budding Artist and composer day.

As you can see we have kept ourselves busy, We still have been in the boat a lot, listening to stories and music. It has been chilly and very windy so not inspired to get out. I and the kids don't mind one bit, but I feel some would find it hard. 
I have checked the wind and weather for New Zealand and Australia  everyday for Dave the last few days have been good winds. He arrived in Brisbane late last night!!

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