Just for Bread - June 10th

Just for Bread
Everyone was up at 4am this morning after a mosquito attack, so we sailed 20 miles to a area called Cap Bear ( good name I thought) We went into a harbour and anchored outside a town called Port Vendres in Spain just to get some supplies and bread for lunch.
 After making sure the anchor was settled Dave, Arthur and Adria take the dingy and leave Lorenzo and me on the boat listening to music and tidying, then after about 15 minutes later  a small snorkeling vessel  came over with a group of people on it, I didn't realize he wanted to speak with me as I was cleaning the back cabin and washing up and tiding the boat, he told me to leave this  area as a big ship is coming into harbour.
Where was I suppose to go?
Leave the harbour I was told!
Not without the captain I said
I suddenly realized I hadn't taken her off anchor before on my own.
I was told that I could just move over into the beach area, but there is rocks there?
So,  I pulled up the anchor and fired up the engine and slowly motored closer to the shore.
Okay alls well this is easy no problem,  Lady Bear moves gently and like a dream slowly around the bay closer to the coast. I radio Dave but the connection isn't good.
'Return to Ladybear, need you!!' short and sweet and to the point I thought
The snorkeling vessel who turns out to be very nice man who speaks good English stays by just in case, because there are some underwater rocks.
A long while later Ladybear and I were fine, gently bobbing about now I started to worry about Dave. Where was he, I called him again on the radio saying ladybear is in good hands.
But later decovered he thought I said that she was on the sand!!
I get radio message back from the harbour master saying ' engine is broken down'.
Who's engine, not us, we are all right? Then I realized ...Dave!!
Then  there, to my surprice a huge cargo ship  was  coming through the small harbour entrance and looks like it wouldn't fit. It dwarfs our boat and makes me feel very small.
Suddenly I realize Dave and co are bobbing about on a tiny dingy with no engine with this large vessel heading their way.
I see on the deck they have left the oars for the dingy, so now they have no engine and no oars to get themselves back. Oh great! isn't life fun!!! I thought.
So I watch this great big cargo ship head  its way into the harbour not knowing what  has happened to Dave, and wondering how long can I just go on motoring around this bay on my own avoiding these rocks.
Finally I see in the distance the snorkeling vessel coming back to me and asks if alls well I said that they have broken down, and then he disappears back towards the harbour and marina . A while later  there coming towards me was the snorkerling vessel behind being pulled on a rope was our dingy with a very stressed Dave, Arthur and Adria.
I motor forward to pick them up and then we are off out of here .
We went to beautiful bay to eat our bread and chill after all the excitement.
'Is it always this exciting getting bread' Adria asks!

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