The truly amazing story here is.....

Lorenzo at the Pontine Islands
What would this experience be like if you couldn't see
How does a totally blind, autistic boy cope sailing and living on a boat?
He misses the sights, the breath taking sunsets, the crystal clear waters . The glorious blue sky's. The magnificent views.
As my heart aches with the huge disappointment on what he misses, and when he can't run up and down the beaches with his brother.
But what can he see? ( in the sense of the word) Is he happy?
Am I pushing my perspective, ideals and thought on him in this visual world.

So on our trip to the Pontine Islands, with the boat engine started it rumbles us up river until we are out into the gentle waves of the tryanien sea. Then the sails are out, the engine turned off, and we lean to Port (left).
We cuddled in the cockpit listening to the slap of the water on the bows. music is played and we rock gently . The warm breeze touches our face.
The evening cools the air, dinner is eaten and bed is cozy.
The morning brings a warm silence. The engine is turned on again and the anchor clangs its way out the front of the boat. we have reached the islands.
  Only seven days we spent on the islands. We enter caves on the dingy and the sound booms ,echos and bounces around the rocks.   we dangle our feet from the dingy into warm waters. We explore pebbles on the beach, Play jumping over waves. Eat delicious ice cream. Lay on deck in the sun.
Listen to stories, Go for walks, talk with new friends. Laugh and have fun at the restaurant, while we eat pizza. Have a fun day on the beach playing on our beach toys. We hear the screeching of seagulls around the cliffs in our calm anchorage on the last night.

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