A true Treasure Island

A true gem!
 We arrived here after 7 hours sail from Ponza Island. Great winds got us here doing 4/5 kmots. Beautiful day. We laughed when we approached the island as it look like just a small rock, how can any one live here? Nick our friend we met in Tecnomar who is anchored now out side Ponza says he comes from here and to say that we know Nick when we arrive, but we didn't know his last name, how will they know which Nick. Was it possible we thought!
Close to the harbour, the harbour master came out and to ask us to come in for 30 euro a night,  I said we can anchor then he said 20 euros we thought it would be good to be able to walk off boat easily so we said yes. Dave asked him if he knew Nick . 'Of course'  Now we pay 10 euros a night.

As we entered we followed him in to what?! I thought, where are we going it just looks like a rock. The smallest little tiny harbour amazing once a Rome port. you could see most the port was still Roman.

 full story of our journey when we get back to Tecnomar Rome next week.

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