Putting her back in the water

There we were up bright and early Monday morning exactly one week later the boat ladybear all ready, repairs done, finely painted top sides, and second coat of anti-fouled late last night. Artie and I cycled around the yard, until finally I realised something was up. I asked the boat lifters about putting us back in. But no we were not on their list. I felt desparate to get back in the water. excited that we were finished and leaving the dusty yard at last and of course to see her all pretty and painted on the water again. They asked if I had paid, I explained that I was going to pay for everything at the end of the month before we left. 
OH no, no cash, no splash !
I cycled off like crazy with Lolly on the back of the bike all the way round the marina to the tower and the office, I explained about the misunderstanding and they were fine, the yard waited patiently for the go ahead. But after a long wait in the queue my card didnt work. I called the bank and they said the card was bloked from a wrong number being used once, ( By Dave!!!).
So back on the bike with Lolly to the bank I had to work out the best way to get cash without leaving us too short. I could only get half the money as banks dont let you take alot out, but at least it paid for the yard as I sat in the office for the paper work I saw on the security monotor our boat. They had the go ahead and now I saw here on a security screen from the office lady bear being lifted and that was it she was gone. As I left the office I looked across the marina and could see in our regular space on the pontoon LADYBEAR.
She was back and I had missed the whole excitment of getting her back in the water and the whole process of our work completed, hense I have no photos!.
So that is why sadly this page will  never have any photos of this event.

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