Our summer May 2012,

Leaving Almerimar to Alicante
The Boats home for 8 months and our home for nearly four weeks finally we leave.
Our last night

Saying good buy to friends

Although to some not the most exciting of places but we have really enjoyed it, got to know our way around finding where everything is and getting to know some really nice people. On our pontoon alone it was becoming a lively little community enjoyed the laugh, the drinks and sharing of tools from our neighbours.  I am convinced John and Christine have a magic boat every time we ask to borrow something , they have it. Tools for Dave and sewing mashine and more for me. Great, Thanks!

Simon and Nigel Left the same time

Well we have made it to Torrevieja, and its been great, nice sailing conditions, just a little lumpy on occasion, anchored a few nights one at Capo de Gata late in the dark and then woke to fine out we were in a swimming area so pulled up a few meters out of it and then relaxed for the morning Artie and I went on an adventure . Artie rowed the dingy to a rocky hidden bay by the beach and pretended to rock climb, getting to the beach where we had to run along the beach away from the waking dragons.
Artie's Adventure
Artie rowed

Quick the monsters are coming

we escaped


Spent a night at Cartagina which we really enjoyed, right on the quay front just stepped off into the very impressive town. I managed to do some washing, Dave got the bike off and went to get oil for the engine. Went into town twice for coffee, ice cream etc. Just as we were leaving to get our second town fix there walking pass the boat was Nigal who is with Simon on Rubessa, we meet from Almerimar, we did say we could meet up at some point to anchor up with them and have BBQ on beach but we just havent managed it yet so it was a surprise to see him here, he joined us for a coffee.

ice cream at 10pm

It was a shame to leave Cartagina, we motored up to the Lagoon inland sea. As we approached we could see the bridge lifting we pushed the engine but no, just minutes away the bridge descended and we disappointingly had to wait for the next lift which we soon found out it wasn't till the next morning.
watched the jelly fish

We were hoping to meet up with Rubessa but sadly once again no. We were going to go on but Dave was tired so we anchored outside the bridge. good calm and a quiet sleep. The bridge didn't open until 10am entering the lagoon sea it was calm and the gentle breeze took us in lovely! Rubessa passed us on the way out.. Dave decided its a good wind today we shouldn't miss it so we turned back, I didn't like the fact that the bridge only opens three times a day and only opens for a few minutes. But just as we were leaving getting passed the open bridge , something was wrong no power the gear box wasn't pushing us we were getting slower and slower. On the entrance the wind was against us and we fought against it for half an hour getting out going down to less than one knot. Dave thought we may have to turn back but there was nothing here to get it repaired. but holding our breath we just manged it. Out and free again and all sails up and a great sail going up to 6.4 knots. We have been amazed just how well she sails now we have moved the balice and painted her bottom.
A few hours later and the sea got roly and I worry the boys will hurt themselves so I said can we go in somewhere and Dave is happy to cut our day short and find a marina where he can repair the gear box 
 Nice place, Torrevieja,  busy and loads of kids about, all  holidaying on charter boats, took boys to beach had a swim Lolly got sunburn on his shoulders.
As we came in sailing without gears working we ( or I should say I ) managed to bump our lovely paint work on the concert pontoon, as well as the bloody anchor bashing it the day before, its looking very rough now, so today we both feel a little down about it.
But its another day tomorrow, ...............oh ya, tomorrow is gearbox fixing day!!! :
Head down doing gear box
Off to get supplies

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