High - lights of the summer 2012

I have not had the chance to finish the blogs and get them published this summer, so I have decided to just do a hi lights of the season  July, August, September and what we are up to now.

The boat seemed empty and roomy when Chris and his family left.
The same day we picked Lara up from the airport after a large shop then headed for the boat, for an early  morning start. Up anchor and go.
Not far just a little quiet anchorage south of the island
We stayed here the night and then off to main land Spain. The night passage was calm but we did about 5 knots.

Saw Dolphins on the bows swimming with us. No photos of this enjoying it too much to get camera we had to wake Artie but it was worth it.

First port of call. for one night, Big posh marina and expensive, but they let us have it cheaper as they didn't have disabled berth for Lorenzo.

Artie fought with pirates at the bar and found treasure.

The wind picked up and it was like a very hot hairdryer. Our eyeballs dried out it was hard to breath. too hot to do much.

The next day leaving Denia was one of those moments.
Moments of what you may say.
Moments you would rather forget, moments you wonder why you are doing this!?
The gear box decided to give us nothing, no pull or power nothing, so  as we floated off into the middle of the harbor, noticing that untiring too soon as I forgot to get my small bowl of washing from the pontoon. as i watch it being left behind, we got closer to a huge car ferry which was getting ready to leave but there we were, with the wind in the wrong direction to get ourselves out of the marina, now we were in the way of the harbor entrance, no control of what direction we were going.
I have to hold the steering at least away from the ferry while Dave's arse is up with head down in the gearbox locker. I wait and wait, bobbing about getting closer and closer to the huge ferry. Hoping that they weren't going to leave any time soon. Almost holding my breath..

At last Dave got the gear box to make some sort of action not a lot, but enough to stop me clenching me butt cheeks.
It was amazing to be so excited about doing 1 and a half knots, but finally against wave and wind we were free into the blue again.

A full day sail with no wind and no power, we decided to head towards a small harbour Oliva but as we got closer as it was getting darker and darker the lights of the harbour didnt get closer. Why was that?
Because we were getting slower and slower.  Its seemed liked hours later and the more we tried the slower we were going watching the entrance of the harbour lights. Poor Lara decided to go the bed.
Early hours of the morning we eventually tied up on an old rickety wooded fuel pontoon.

Quiet little place mostly fishing small boats but the marina cafe was good and a great pool.

We stayed two nights and then head off north up the Costa Del Azahar to Gandia

We decided that we need to sort the gearbox out as for coming in and out of marinas is becoming a chore.

So we ordered part and sat and waited in Gandia
We waited
and waited
and waited

In the end we got out and about Gandia
I was hoping to meet up with a old friend I hadn't seen in more than 20 years when I Au-paired in Corsica. We were Au-pairs together.

Great pizza
And ice cream

We decided to catch a bus to the main town centre to get guitar strings and lolly wanted to go to a music shop.

Waiting for a bus

Not many instruments Lorenzo was disappointed

Nice day off the boat though

We had a few mishaps just in one day.
First the pipe in the heads bust and we had to vacate the boat. Pooo eeeeee Pheww!
Dave struggled with that.
When we got back laying on the hammock as you do. A man on the other pontoon was shouting at us to get our attention. Now what?
Our dingy had deflated and was sinking our new outboard motor.... panic!! just as Artie caught a fish and his fishing rod was getting pulled into the water by a big fish.And I had to rescue his rod which had a pulling fish dangling off the end, My worst nightmare, I hate fish.
Next day dingy and out board motor fix, so off shopping. Don't think poor Lara was impressed, she looked a bit nervous about it.


Well we continued to wait for our parts

 Thought a few jobs around the place may help
Lara fixed the sail

we polished and sanded the port holes

Did the washing

Finally our package came with the parts for the gear box .....Yippy!!
Dave got busy

Well the work was done after a long hot day with Daves head in the locker.
New clutch in place, it must work now surely?
Well we were eager to get going being in Gandia now for 12 days.
Well within 24 hours we were ready to go Dave was sure the gears were working now, it seemed to be pulling. But as we were trying to leave the narrow small marina we caught the back of our boat on another boats railings and pulled our motor off the fix board.

The boys got a nice present from our neighbours for our journey.
We managed to untangle ourselves from the boat next to us. But there was still something not right the power was a bit on and off

Off in the direction of Valencia, but once again we struggle with the engine.


Cheap here only 15 euros a night.
very hot!!

Yvette and Norman left us to travel back home.
Our journey continued
After we left Gussan

We continued north

To Sete in France and into the inland sea, great little place

We had to travel under 5 bridges to get in

Just by our boat a little France traditional activity.
Boat jousting

Sailing and swimming with friends Astrid and Ed with little Will.

Sports day on the beach as it is Olympic year in London 2012

Artie was in a Pirate Play on the boat next door

We set sail again after two weeks at Sete back south to Spain

Anchored here for the night


We anchored out side this town when we were woken up 8am with drumming sound across the bay. We of course had to find out what was happen

We left Sitgen? and head off to find a great beach for BBQ

 Fish Of Course

The waves and weather picked up a bit, so  getting very wet getting back to boat on the dingy, that night it was too rough to stay so we set sail in the dark for the weather was slowly get worst the wind was so strong that we would of ended up in Majorca rocking and rolling could hardly see the lights of the town for the big black waves. We spent the night forcing the boat into the port of Tarragona arriving 7am went straight to bed. 


 After a few nights here and exploring we headed to our winter spot Sant Carles

Made some new friends and meet up with old ones.
                THE END

 Forgot to add Barcelona one of the hi-lights. Here the night before Sitges. Only 25 euros a night for the centre of everything.

BARCELONA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 Great entrance into the marina, which is centre of the town.

Cable car

Our boat is there somewhere?

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